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Cherry Flavor-Regular Strength 4 Pack

Cherry Flavor-Regular Strength 4 Pack

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High-Not Recovery Shot 4-Pack is your ultimate solution for counteracting intense THC effects. 

Our 60mL shot features a unique, pharmacist-formulated blend of natural ingredients, ensuring rapid, calming, and effective recovery from negative cannabis experiences. Made with delicious tropical flavors, High-Not helps you regain control and confidence, allowing you to decide when to ‘Ease Your High.Key Ingredients:

  • Citicoline: A potent brain nutrient for cognitive function & mental clarity to support overall brain health for peak performance
  • Piperine or black pepper extract: It acts as a natural THC modulator, helping to tame its intensity and promote a more controlled cannabis experience
  • L-Theanine: A calming amino acid found in tea leaves that supports relaxation and mental focus levels
  • Limonene: A citrus-scented terpene that has shown promise in contributing to mood enhancement
  • Tyrosine: An amino acid found in protein-rich foods that supports cognitive function and contributes to balancing the effects of THC
  • α-Pinene:A monoterpene found in pine trees that contributes to a sense of alertness

Who is this for:

New Users: Provides a safety net for those unsure of their THC reactions.
Experienced Users:Mitigates intense effects from overconsumption or new strains.
Quick Sober-Up:For users needing to reduce THC effects quickly.
Medical Users:Allows therapeutic benefits without overwhelming psychoactivity.
Controlled Experience:For users seeking a more predictable THC experience.


How to Use -

Take one bottle after the use of THC to ease your high. Do not exceed one bottle daily.
Use or discard any remainder within 24 hours (1 day) after opening.
Keep at room temperature (59 to 77 degrees).
Refrigeration not required.

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