About Us

Almost any longtime herbalist could probably say that they have been involved in an incident involving cops and cannabis. Whether charged or set free, dealing with the police when it comes to marijuana is intimidating, inconvenient and unnecessary. Thankfully, the cannabis community has been blessed with two attorneys at law who are more than willing to help protect herbalists like us and yourself.

Craig and Marc Wasserman, a.k.a the Pot Brothers at Law, have represented countless cases in the State of California and have in recent years seen an increase in the demand for knowledgeable attorneys in regards to cannabis. The Wasserman Brothers offer consulting and representation services in California as well as tips and advice to anyone in need.

Scroll through the @Pot_Brothers_At_Law Instagram and you'll find countless videos which helped the brothers gain popularity so quickly.  Within the last four months, their Instagram has reached 458K followers because of their "Tip Of The Day" videos.  The Wasserman brothers have made "Shut the fuck up!" their claim to fame as that is the most valuable advice they can give to any herbalist.  That advice alone helped Craig's son win cases against officers who claim they were given Consent to search when in reality, there's no way that could be true with the Wasserman brothers as his representing attorneys.